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เริ่มจากนุ้งชาน ทวิตภาพนี้นะจ้ะ

@2PMagreement211 :: 데헷*


นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล @Khunnie0624 :: 너무 더웠어 오늘.... ㅠㅜㅠㅜ 그래도 재밌었지? ㅋㅋㅋ

150718 - Nichkhun Fan Party รัก 7 ปี มี 1 หน

150718 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE Nichkhun Fan Party in BKK by KISSKHUN

[Clip]150718 MITSUBISHI MIRAGE Nichkhun Fan Party | รัก 7 ปี...มี 1 หน

ฟังชัดๆ"นิชคุณ"สนิทใคร? เปิดใจหมดเปลือกก่อนถูกถามเรื่อง"ดีเจโซดา"

[Pics]nichkhun @ fansign event

[Info]MITSUBISHI MIRAGE Nichkhun Fan Party ..

[News]Real2PM My House - Broadcasting station is My House

[News]It's 2PM Nichkhun's 27th birthday!

cr.jyp'twitter | Allkpop


One of our 'beast idol' members of 2PM just turned 27 on the other side of the globe...

and guess who it is? It's baby-faced Nichkhun! JYP Nation's official Twitter account

uploaded a a post with a picture of the Thai prince with the words

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and hash tag "#Khunderfulday."

Let's wish the idol good fortune in the years to come and many happy birthdays!

[Fancam]150624 2pm Nichkhun Happy Birthday @ JYPE

[Fancam]20150621 2pm FanMeeting -nichkhun

[News]2PM take home their first trophy for 'My House' on 'The Show'!


cr.아이유 | Allkpop

Allkpop:: What a great birthday present for 2PM's Nichkhun! 2PM have won

their first trophy for their new track "My House" on SBS MTV's 'The Show'!


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